Namaste Behenji

Please Ma, it's okay if you can't make it for the meeting. Papa has said, he shall 

accompany me." Pia was trying to convince her Ma. Sheela looked at her teenage 

daughter and nodded. Rajesh, her husband tried to intervene, but she signalled him to 

stop. Actually, Sheela knew the exact reason behind her daughter's words. Pia wasn't really proud of the fact that her Ma couldn't 

converse in fluent and crisp English. When 

she compared Sheela to the upscale moms of her classmates, she felt belittled. Rajesh and 

Sheela had tried to talk to Pia about this. But as soon as they broached this topic, she clammed shut. So, as of now, Sheela had no solution to this problem.

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