Desi chudacudira bhabidera gudera juice to eat upside down

I woke up at seven in the morning, took a quick bath and got ready, a little different from the other day

I'm in a hurry, Mom - the train won't come for you anytime soon, I'm crazy to meet the girl

After fixing the shirt, my mother let me eat. While I was eating, my phone on the table rang and Rimi's name appeared on the screen - the phone for which you are fidgeting.

Did, I received the phone… .Rimi - Rimi says I - yes say Rimi - again you - tell me what are you doing? Rimi - I'm talking to you - what were you doing

Rimi - I was thinking about you so I called, what are you doing? I - I'm eating

Have you eaten? Rimi - Yes, I ate and went out with a little rest, I remember going to the last room, I'll keep it - Well, I went out after eating,

After going to the station and sitting for a while, the train came. As per Rimi's words, I got up in the last room.

I got it, Barrackpore station came I was looking at the gate, Rimi got up today she looks more beautiful

Today I have done more makeup, I got up and looked around and realized that he was looking for me, me

A smile appeared on his face, I sat by the window and stood in front of me, I stood up Rimi from me

While standing a little shorter, her breasts lightly touched my breasts and she got up with her head held high.

He looked at me and smiled, I - sit down, put my face close to my ear and said softly - Rimi - I thought I would sit on your lap ..

The man next to me got up, Rimi grabbed my hand and pulled me down. I lost my balance and fell on him. I - I'm sorry.

I didn't get the balance, Rimi - what's the point of saying sorry, did you fall on someone else's body, he laughed….

Is anyone looking, Rimi - catch the cutter train when you arrive? I - will not see you when you arrive, it is seven o'clock in the evening at the station, Rimi - this is the engineers Skip to content

Dosh is late to return home, from then on our love started. Every Sunday we would go for a walk, read for three months.

Telling your mother to go home on Sunday, I - I'll tell my mother, I told my mother that Rimi's parents will come, I was a little tense on Sunday, my mother finished cooking in the morning, twelve o'clock

When the calling bell rang, I went and opened the door and was stunned. Madhurima Sen and her husband Suprakash Sen are the senior engineers in my office. I am Madhurima.

I'm Sen. Under Junior Engineer, Madam, you're here, Madhurima - why can't you slow down?

I called my mother, mother came, I - mother, this is my madam, this means my senior engineer, and this is madam's husband and madam's senior engineer, Madhurima - sister, you sit down, we are not all that now, now we are Rimi's mother

Dad, I'm stunned to hear her say, sweetheart - what happened, why are you standing, sit down, in her words

I know about the relationship, Rimi told me about you the first day and showed me your picture the next day. I told Rimi that you work in my office and forbade him to tell you, sister

I just came to visit today. I heard that my grandfather lives in the Andamans. Let him know. He will actually go to our house one day together.

Yes, then they all had a lot of stories together, they ate lunch and left, then I had to call Rimi. Sitting alone, I think Madhurima madam means my future mother-in-law

By the way, everyone looks at him with a smile, I read in everyone because you can't help but look at such a beautiful sexy figure, he goes to the office in jeans or cotton skin.

Half churidar on top of tight pants or round neck genji sari from time to time.

The belly was visible through the gap of the sari, looking almost like my mother, I learned from Rimi that she is 45 years old and her father is 55 years old.

And when he was talking about Rimi's age difference, he said, "My father came a decade later. The next day, my father and mother were supposed to go, but my future mother-in-law called my mother."

I reached their house at half past eleven, my future mother-in-law came and opened the door. Come home

We went to the room and took us to the living room. We sat down. Rimi came and sat down. Then my future father-in-law came and sat down. Everyone is talking together. I am sitting quietly.

Upstairs, Rimi brought me to her upstairs room. The two of them were sitting and talking. Suddenly Rimi hugged me and then started kissing me on the lips. I - Rimi should not do this before marriage, Rimi - who shouldn't have said

Now all I have to do is kiss. Many people have sex. Let's do it too. Your head is bad. How many days? I called from below to eat. I sat down to eat. , Really no problem, get married today… say relatives at home

Grandma, they also got up at my uncle's house, next to my uncle's house, and some people will come on the day of Bauvat. I can't, all of a sudden the feeling of happiness is that I woke up and saw my mother sucking the dhon out of my dhoti, today I have to stay after the dhoti all day so I took out the dhoti , I - if I come later - will actually come

Open it - no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no He tied it well and took my cock in his mouth. He shook his waist and started rubbing my pussy. I also hugged my mother's waist with both hands and started sucking her pussy. Mother - eat father eat mother's guder juice

I took it, my mother was lying on her back and bent her knees.

I started - aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aaa

I knelt down with both feet on either side of my mother's lower leg and began to press on her hips with both hands.


I'm here, my mother is shaking her head, mother - your wife will go crazy if you fuck like this, honey, what would I do, honey, you - don't worry, mother - I'll fuck you right behind your daughter-in-law's eyes, mother - get up and go down now Come, mother sari is gone. After a while, everyone came with the blessing of the girl, I also got up and got fresh, I got ready after dhoti Punjabi in the evening, I went out at 7 pm, I reached Remi's house at eight o'clock, at ten o'clock at night Time

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